Rent, Theo Ubique

"Larson certainly was well channeled by Matt Edmonds, who offers a richly melancholic take on Mark, the lonely man with the camera and the authorial alter-ego. Edmonds' performance is the best of the night, and he has the lead role, so that works out very nicely."
-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Ragtime, Griffin Theatre

"Matt Edmonds’ contemporary-thinking and heartbreaking Younger Brother is unforgettable."
-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Titanic, Griffin Theatre

"...Small scenes that went by with little notice in the original staging...are the guts of the show here...Impressive and emotional is the relationship built by Laura McClain and Matt Edmonds."
-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Upright Grand, Citadel Theatre

"Matt the accompanist for both Pops and Kiddo. In this capacity, Edmonds masters both barroom ditties and classical masterpieces; and he does so with the skill and finesse of an Andre Previn. But, not only does this accomplished musician provide the musical soundtrack for this story, he also plays several supporting characters...In each and every role Mr. Edmonds is sensational, but never showy."
-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

All-American, Redtwist Theatre

"The Slattery we spend the most time with, and get to like the best, is Aaron. He’s smart, kind and funny...Matt Edmonds plays him honestly...he’s the one with whom we most connect.”
-John Olson, Chicago Theater Beat

Twelfth Night, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

"...a certified scene stealer as Feste, a jester, who views the entanglements through a shrewdly jaunced eye, being both a part of and separate from them, which gives his character a frequently mournful edge. He also sings and plays accordion (reportedly learned for this production) [<--true].”
-Marcia Fulmer, The Elkhart Truth