Matt was dragged into theatre by his 6th grade buddy, whose parents were forcing him to do the school musical. Matt's friend, who shall remain nameless, refused to endure such a horror alone, and thus begged Matt to join him. Matt -- knowing nothing about theatre at the time, yet having something of an open mind -- said, "Um, ok."

Open-mindedness paid off, and the rest is history. Technically, that first part is history, too, but that's not how the idiom goes. Anyway, Matt continued doing theatre. He attended the NHSI "Cherubs" program after his junior year of high school to confirm that he did indeed want to pursue theatre in college -- apparently, he did. It also seemed he couldn't stay away from Northwestern University after Cherubs, and went on to study theatre there with such notables as David Bell, Amanda Dehnert, and Henry Godinez (among other wonderfully talented faculty).

Matt graduated from NU with a double major in Theatre and Cognitive Science, which allows him to think outside of the box whilst living inside of one. He's currently attempting (with some amount of success, if he does say so himself) to tear open the Chicago theatre scene. See the news page for info on what he's up to this very moment!